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Old or Ugly Wallpaper Removal That’s Affordable and Fast

Need to get rid of ugly wallpaper that’s decimating the value of your home? No problem; call us right away and we’ll send experts to safely and cleanly remove wallpaper no matter what!

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We can get rid of any type or quantity of wallpaper you need without leaving a scratch on the drywall or plaster underneath.

Sometimes you move into a new home and the wallpaper just doesn’t go well with your personal style or the aesthetic you want to use for the rest of the house. Or you might have applied wallpaper before and want to change things up. It’s tempting to DIY the wallpaper removal process, but it’s oftentimes much more difficult than many homeowners can anticipate. There are lots of factors you have to consider before attempting to remove your own wallpaper, like:

  • how long it has been since the wallpaper was applied
  • how the wallpaper was applied in the first place in terms of materials and tools used
  • the type of wallpaper currently on the wall, and what materials or removal techniques might work best
  • whether the wall beneath the wallpaper was properly sealed and primed before the paper was applied

As you can see, knowing the answers to these questions, and even considering them in the first place, can be offputting for many homeowners or even DIY enthusiasts. That’s why hiring wallpaper removal experts, like us at Precision Plastering, could be the best decision you’ve ever made for your home improvement process.

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Removing wallpaper is always a tedious and time-consuming job.

 It requires lots of patience and precision, both of which our contractors have in spades. This is important because rushing through a wallpaper removal project can damage the wall beneath or result in a huge mess that you have to spend hours cleaning up.

Hiring pros to take down wallpaper that is improperly installed or which is terribly outdated is a much better idea. For starters, we at Precision Plasters know exactly how to remove wallpaper without damaging both plaster and drywall surfaces underneath. We’ll also take time to scrape away excessive glue or paper that might remain after the initial removal process. This prevents gouging and other accidents. Part of this is because we have special tools and equipment, but a lot of it is due to the experience of each of our team members brings to the table.

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In a nutshell, we’ll go over an action plan for your wallpaper removal job before doing anything. We can determine how much paper needs to be stripped and identify the best method of removal based on the condition of your wall surface underneath. It’ll usually take a little longer to remove any wallpaper that’s torn or damaged or if the wallpaper is particularly old. Sometimes wallpaper is even placed directly on top of the drywall, which can be especially challenging.

But we’re more than up to the task. No matter how long the wallpaper removal job takes, we’ll stick with it and deliver finished and unharmed walls when we’re done. We always strive for excellence and achievement in every one of our contracts.

Has someone painted over the wallpaper you want to remove? This often causes damage to the walls and creates even more work. It creates an uneven look by causing damage to the paper or spreading seems. It can even loosen the wallpaper and cause it to bubble, peel, or shrink over time. Not to worry; we can handle this particular wallpaper removal job and any others you might have.

We’re even well-equipped to get rid of wallpaper that just doesn’t want to come off! Lots of DIY homeowners have experience removing easy wallpaper that’s already halfway removed. But many wallpaper removal jobs aren’t as simple, which is why hiring pro contractors to do the work is always a smarter idea.

Ready to modernize your home? Get rid of that old wallpaper.

For starters, you can finally stop looking at patterns or aesthetics that you don’t like. No one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own home or have to stare at wallpaper that’s a real eyesore. There are other practical reasons for taking down wallpaper, too.

The aforementioned bubbling or peeling can affect even excellent wallpapers over time, so it’s always good to replace or repair wallpapers every once in a while. We can help you replace wallpaper to give your walls a new polished look. It’s also sometimes necessary to remove wallpaper that starts to yellow, which can mess with the aesthetic theme of your home and make things look a lot older than they truly are.

This is really important if you plan to sell your home in the near future. In the competitive real estate market, people are only willing to pay top dollar for homes that have excellent wallpapers and other elements. Lots of folks aren’t willing to DIY repairs or change wallpapers after they’ve moved. Spending the time to fix your wallpapers now might result in a better profit when you finally ready to sell your home.

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All in all, we at Precision Plastering are ready and willing to help you with any wallpaper removal needs you might have. Our experts are located all over New Smyrna Beach, and Volusia County, so give us a call at (386) 463-9774 if you want the best wallpaper removal specialists to take care of your home. We’ll do a great job and each of our contractors is incredibly professional. You’ll like the end result – we guarantee it!

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