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Although it’s tougher than many other siding materials, stucco can occasionally get damaged. For these instances or any other stucco maintenance needs, we’re the best guys to call.

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Stucco exteriors are some of the most durable and attractive services for homes. There’s a reason why they are so common throughout the American Southeast and other regions across the world. In general, stucco is very resistant to fire and only requires mild maintenance every once in a while.

Despite these advantages, stucco can still become damaged or weakened over time, necessitating repair.

When stucco is laid properly, it’s very long-lasting and attractive to the eye. It’s an ideal choice if your home is in hot or dry weather, or if you just like the look of the material. In the New Smyrna Beach area, there are lots of reasons why you might choose to use stucco for your home!

It’s important to repair stucco early on.

However, being an exterior surface, even the hardiest stucco surfaces and sidings will eventually need repair and maintenance. Stucco can outlast and outperform virtually any other type of siding on a home, but age and environmental wear and tear both eventually take their toll. Constant pressure and inclement weather can lead to cracks forming in your stucco, which can then spread and develop into holes. If left uncorrected, stucco cracks can tunnel into the waterproof sheeting beneath the siding.

Very quickly, problems can spiral out of control. Damaged stucco can lead to structural damage, leaks on the interior of your home, or even a general loss of integrity.

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How do you know if your stucco needs repair?

There are lots of ways you can tell. The easiest is to just walk around your house and check all the siding services of your home. You can look for mold, cracks, or even discoloration; all three can be signed by your stucco has a crack or injury somewhere across its surface.

In most cases, cracks can develop if there’s ever any physical damage, like an impact to the exterior of your home. But shrinkage or thermal expansion can also cause stucco to flex and crack over time. In the summer weather of New Smyrna Beach and surrounding areas, it’s not uncommon for subpar stucco to crack after a few years.

Additionally, you can always smell any visible wounds or cracks in the stucco. If there’s mold growing beneath and out of sight, you should be able to smell this. Furthermore, you can always check the condition of your stucco by touching it. Stucco in good condition should not crumble or be particularly brittle beneath your fingertips. On the other hand, if it is brittle or crumbles, chances are good you’ll need to call stucco repair experts. Damp spots are another good sign that there’s water damage, either close by or somewhere else in the stucco layer of your home’s exterior.

In summary, stucco repairs might be needed because of:

  • damage from the weather
  • improper fitting of the stucco upon first application
  • blunt damage to the exterior of your home
  • house shifting from regular tectonic movement
  • house expansion from hot summers – a common occurrence in the New Smyrna Beach and all of Volusia County.

We can handle any stucco repair job in New Smyrna Beach & all of Volusia County.

At Precision Plastering, we’re more than ready to handle any stucco repair needs you might have. Because we have so many years of experience on the job, we should be able to tell you relatively quickly why your stucco has started to degrade and come up with an action plan to ensure that it doesn’t progress.

For instance, we know that many stucco layers start to have cracks because of the gradual shifting of your building and seasonal weather patterns. In addition, depending on the quality of your stucco fitting and mixing, cracks might occur over time because the lath was fitted improperly, or the stucco was mixed poorly. No matter what the reason, we can repair any cracks in stucco surfaces to ensure greater stability and help your home or retain its aesthetic value.

But what about if stucco is too far gone to be salvaged? Not a problem. At Precision Plastering, we have stucco experts, local craftsmen and the tools and materials necessary on hand to replace stucco with ease. We usually only need to replace stucco when water damage is determined to be the main culprit but rest assured: we’ll only call for a replacement of your stucco if it’s absolutely necessary.

We can also apply a primer on your stucco. Stucco primers cover the sight of your repairs and leave a relatively smooth finish. Even better, we can seal any cure to stucco with waterproof primers to ensure that a uniform surface is created.

What about paint? We’ve got that covered too. Painting your stucco can help it look better and it protects stucco from various inclement weather conditions, like rain, mold, and pollution. A great paint and primer combo will prevent cracking and crumbling over the long-term can preserve your stucco for a long time to come.

Ultimately, we’re equipped in more ways than one to handle any stucco repairs you might need.

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