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Even the best plaster can get damaged over time, ruining its elegant aesthetic. At Precision Plastering, we have the tools and expertise you need to effectively repair any plaster damage ASAP.

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Most residential buildings have drywall, but many others may use plaster walls instead. If this is the case, finding someone to perform adequate plaster repairs can be difficult. Plaster walls are less common than the alternative, so finding good plaster wall repair contractors in New Smyrna Beach or surrounding areas is tricky.
You might consider attempting your own plaster repairs on your own, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Matching the existing texture and style of your existing plaster with new or repaired walls is more difficult than you might think. The challenge comes from successfully manipulating the plaster.

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You see, plaster damage can come in several different types. Plaster walls can frequently get cracks or holes, or even dents depending on the damage source. At Precision Plastering, we work with the owners of each home we enter to determine what kind of damage was inflicted and the best course of action.

We’ll normally start with smoothing the plaster surface, using the best plaster contractors on our roster and top-tier materials. We can also remove loose bits of plaster or any flakes that might spread damage to the rest of your wall delicately. In this way, we can normally remove only damaged plaster and leave any undamaged plaster on the wall. It ends up being a lower bill for you and less time for us. Everyone wins.

To make sure that the plaster repair effort goes unimpeded, our experts will make sure that the environment is clean, even if it takes longer to ensure proper results. We won’t skimp on effort or details and can include you in the planning process, so you know exactly what we’re doing.

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We’re experts at matching wall textures.

Next comes mixing up a new plaster batch. We’ll analyze the plaster that was damaged before and come up with a batch that resembles the plaster already on your wall. Next, we can apply the plaster mix over the damaged area. Our contractors usually work in thin layers. This way, we can go slowly and adding new plaster depending on what’s necessary and blend the new batch into the existing wall plaster relatively seamlessly.

Done correctly (and it always is), your new plaster wall should look just as good as the original – if not better!

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You’ll definitely want to go with a dedicated plastering contractor or a contracting team that has experience with plaster wall repair. Plaster wall repair is its own art and can’t be handled by a general contracting team. At Precision Plastering, we’re well-equipped and experienced enough to handle any plaster wall repairs you might need. After all, plaster is in our name!

The difference between plaster wall contractors and general contractors is that plaster contractors know about the different forms plaster can come in and the different applications for the material. This allows them (and us) to understand the correct way to install and repair plaster walls and how to work with the material to create different patterns or textures.

Even more important, plaster ceilings can only really be handled by trained plaster professionals. Many exquisite or elegant homes include plaster ceilings for their aesthetic value. Plaster ceilings are also nice because they aren’t as exposed to normal damage sources, so repairs are infrequent.

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But damage does still occasionally occur. When this happens, it’s super important to call a plaster professional ASAP. We can repair small or large cracks in plaster. For instance, we can widen the crack and blow out any plaster dust that might’ve collected. Next, we’ll you short strips of fiberglass mesh tape. By doing this, we can cover the grooves of the ceiling and mix a new plaster blend with the existing ceiling material.

Our craftsmen will use find tools to “feather” the edges of your ceiling and make sure the transition between old and new plaster materials is practically invisible. We know from experience that you need to set up a dry and clean area around the ceiling so the plaster can settle undisturbed.

Why would you go with plaster instead of drywall? After all, it’s typically more expensive than the former. But plaster has several additional benefits, like:

  • plaster is more durable
  • plaster is slower to spread fire
  • plaster helps with noise dispersion, which can be advantageous with certain rooms, and particularly with ceilings

However, because of these benefits, plaster is much more difficult to repair and install compared to drywall. That’s why we at Precision Plastering have spent years honing the craft of plaster repair and installation. We can handle any plaster repair needs in New Smyrna Beach or surrounding areas.

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If you need plaster repair or other plaster wall services, calling Precision Plastering should be your first goal. Once we get your call, we’ll immediately set up a consultation with one of our experts so we can figure out what you need and when we can help. Call us at (386) 463-9774 and let us know what we can do to help!

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