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Sometimes drywall cracks. We’re here for the times when you need repairs on the double. Before you know it, your drywall will look as good as new.

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Drywall Damage is Extremely Common in Florida.

Even the most well-maintained or well-constructed homes can encounter drywall problems. In fact, drywall damage is extremely common for all kinds of homeowners and it can be particularly tricky to fix by yourself. Drywall repair, when done correctly, requires meticulous attention to detail and lots of time. That’s why it’s smart to find drywall repair experts like us at Precision Plastering.

Drywall issues can spread to other areas in your home or business.

Drywall issues that aren’t properly taken care of can result in uneven and unappealing textures and appearances. Even worse, they can eventually spread to cause structural damage to your walls overall, which can lead to a whole new litany of problems. Only drywall repair experts with plenty of years of experience and the right tools and equipment can adequately take care of these problems.

How can drywall get damaged?

All in all, there are tons of factors that can influence the damage that drywall sustains over the years. Some of the most common damages include:

  • Holes are a common form of drywall damage. These are usually caused by accidental impacts and can be caused by both children and adults. Holes in your drywall can be small punctures or large craters that noticeably change the temperature inside your home.
  • Removing things attached to your drywall can also lead to flakes for larger pieces of the drywall coming off. These can be things like tiles, wallpapers, or even fixed objects like mirrors and pictures.
  • Water damage and excessive moisture can also damage or weaken the structural integrity of your drywall. Not only does this look bad, but it also has the potential to turn into a health hazard. Moisture in the walls or ceilings can be to cracks in your drywall and loosened joint tape.
  • Dented corner beads are a big issue. Regular corner beads are pieces of metal that join two sheets of drywall together. These can become dented or damaged over time with regular wear and tear or accidental impacts.
  • Popping nails can also cause damage or present a danger, which usually happens when nails are securely attached to studs or joints and pop through the drywall near them.
  • Furniture that isn’t handled with care can also damage your drywall, either by causing a big smear or scrape or leaving holes in the surface.

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With all the ways your drywall can be damaged, it’s imperative that you repair things as soon as possible. Damaged drywall is very noticeable and can change the way you and others think about or see your home. While it’s possible to temporarily cover any damage with a piece of furniture or a picture, drywall repair comes of other benefits as well.

Benefits of drywall repair in New Smyrna Beach

For starters, drywall repair can prevent cracks or holes from spreading and causing structural instability across the rest of your home or wall. Repairing your drywall will also allow you to sell your house without having to lower its value. In fact, leaving drywall damage over time is more than likely going to make the hole or crack spread, so it’s best to repair drywall right away if you want to minimize the damage to your home’s value.

Ultimately, drywall damage is a fact of life, particularly if you have a family or if you’ve just moved in. But drywall damage doesn’t have to spell the end of your home’s aesthetic value or be an eyesore for months on end. It’s an issue, sure, but one that can be dealt with.

Allow Precision Plastering to evaluate your drywall damage and provide you a quote to get it fixed.

At Precision Plastering, we don’t just repair your drywall to the simplest extent. We’ll also investigate how and why your drywall is damaged, like if it was an accident or if it is a symptom of a larger problem like a leaky pipe or bad ventilation. In this way, we can up you take proactive steps and prevent the drywall damage from occurring again.

Even better, we can also remove damaged drywall and install new drywall if the current wall is beyond saving. This is usually a last resort option, but it’s what we’re committed to when we sign up with an appointment for our clients.

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At Precision Plastering, we’re dedicated to helping you with all of your drywall problems regardless of how and why the damage occurred. Call us at 386-555-555 and we’ll set up a free consultation with one of our experts. The job will be done right the first time – we guarantee it! We have offices throughout the Daytona, FL area, so give us a call and let us see what we can do for you!

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